Magic The Gathering: Parody Business Cards

Here’s the first design for my Magic The Gathering Parody Business Cards.

Life is like an RPG (Role Playing Game). You don’t have control over the rules of the game but you have total control over the character you play… and the game reacts to the choices you make.

I’ve been pondering this concept a lot lately and it seems clear to me that I spend far too much time grinding, reading books, and leveling up, and not nearly enough time exploring the world, finding power items and meeting new characters to join forces with.


It seems that what I need most is some good, old-fashioned, face-to-face social networking and self promotion. What better tool for the job than quirky, game-like business cards?   And what better card game to parody than Magic The Gathering?  None I tell you!  NONE!!!  Mwahahahahaa!


After all, I’m a game developer and will be networking with other developers.  Game developers love games and most are familiar with MTG already, especially Designers and Programmers.  Sounds perfect to me!

Here’s the printed result after a few more iterations.


I rounded the corners to more closely mimic the real deal and threw them in an Altoids case keep them protected and smelling oh so fresh. I think they came out pretty frigg’n sweet but you be the judge.


Now it’s time to go on some side quests (game conferences and such), pass these bad boys out and start building a name for myself!  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll even find a good magic user or a barbarian to join in the party… That is, if I can ever escape this cesspit called Fresno (a vial place for an aspiring game developer).


Find my cards interesting? Have a suggestion?

I’d love to hear from you!  Go ahead and leave a comment.  You know you want to.  |  Résumé (PDF / DOC)

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