“Kitty Catch Mouse” – Testing Feedback

This first round of public testing has been very fruitful. I received some extremely valuable feedback from testers and other developers, pinpointed some key areas for improvement and I’m super excited about the direction this game is headed!  The major lesson that I learned is not to get ahead of myself.  The game is headed in a wonderful direction but there’s still much to do.


As it stands to-date, a large portion of the new changes have already been implemented.  So far, all of it has greatly exceeded my expectations, much to my relief and delight. I can’t even describe in words how pumped up I am about where this game is headed. I have no doubt that a lot of people are going to be pleasantly surprised when the next round of testing commences.


Sorry, it’s too soon for specific details.  You’ll just have to stick around and see how things play out. For those of you who participated in testing, thanks again!  You’re in for a real treat in the next round!


Until next we meet, take care!  If you need me I’ll be buried away at my desk, hard at work and play.



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