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You play a cute and agile kitten who chases his snack into a digital universe where gravity holds little meaning. Neon racetracks and obstacles are generated randomly in real-time as you harness your cat-like reflexes and attempt to catch that trickster-mouse.



(Kitty Catch Mouse requires Flash Player 12+ to play)


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31 thoughts on “Kitty Catch Mouse
  1. Good news for you! The web browser version of Kitty Catch Mouse has now been released, and is absolutely free! No catches.

    I still have a lot planned for this game and will update accordingly as significant improvements are made.

    Versions of Kitty Catch Mouse for additional platforms will come later. Your patience is noticed and appreciated. Thank you.

    As always, comments, suggestions and donations are welcome but not expected.


    -John Hutchinson
    Rubber Ducky Games

    • Thank you. I’m quite fond of this project as well. The game is in development, undergoing major improvements to deliver the best possible play experience. It won’t be ready for quite some time but, rest assured, it’ll be well worth the wait. If you’ll like to be kept updated, you can subscribe to this blog or the facebook page.

    • Thanks. I’ve been using Flixel and AIR to build this. Results are great on Web and Desktop but Flixel’s graphics architecture is all wrong for mobile devices. I may be prototyping this with Unity for mobile devices when I have more time. If the results of that are as good as expected then I’ll be rebuilding this with some game design improvements and will be targeting mobile devices as well as PC, Mac, Linux and Web Browser.

  2. I am a gamer and this looks like an interesting game. I like the video that you have shared. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

  3. Don’t let the sleek design fool you. Kitty Catch Mouse is suited for absolutely anyone seeking an intense reflex-response experience. This game will challenge absolutely everyone, kids and extreme gamers alike. Distractions are kept to a minimum to help you “get in the zone” and push your personal speed threshold.

  4. Looks very cool – would love to play it.
    I cannot help it but it gives one the feeling of the good old C64-times.
    …like Gianna Sisters in kitten form :), just faster!

    • Oh wow! I never really thought about it but I maybe I was influenced subconsciously. After all, they are both crazy-looking cats flying through the air and leaving rainbow-esque trails. I’m a strange guy but that IS a remarkable coincidence!

      My daughter was the original inspiration. She’s loves cute, tiny things, especially kittens, and I wanted to make something that she would think was cool.

      I thought about what kind of play would be fun for a kitten and chasing a mouse seemed perfect for that. The fast play was an immediate must and the jumping across gaps seemed to be an excellent and simple way to mimic cat-like reflexes. Those two mechanics in combination results in something akin to a flying cat. The neon graphic style came much, much later.

      I still have an old video of the original pixel-art prototype and the look was very different… not Nyan-like at all. After initial play-testing I began trying to focus in on the most exciting parts and the game changed into this as a result. The graphic style changed during that transition to better match the new mechanics. My exposure to Nyan Cat was/is extremely limited but it does seem likely that my brain picked up on similarities and led me to a similar style of my own.

      That’s kind of neat, actually! Thanks for bringing it up! Now I’m going to be pondering that all day. 🙂

    • Thanks! Yes, this project is very much alive. 🙂

      Giving games the flexibility to develop naturally does require patience and restraint but it ultimately yields richer play experiences in the end. That is paramount.

      Thank you for your support.

  5. Love this! So much speed, the art and music complement each other very well, the jump signals are a great device, and the whole thing has an air of unspoken irony/humor. Great stuff. And this was months ago? Finish it!

    • Hi Kevin. Thanks for the interest! I’ve elected to spend some time on design considerations for this game and have been hard at work on a secret mini-project concurrently. I have some very cool improvements in mind for Kitty Catch Mouse and will be putting it back into daily production shortly. More info to come.

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