Collaborative Works

Hippo vs Zombies (postponed)


This is a game I’m worked remotely to develop with Blake Barrett (Project Manager, Visionary, Senior Engineer and Architect), Johannes Robbins (Level Design) and Josh Appleby (Music). I helped with Game Design as well but mostly my time went into Game Engine and Gameplay Programming.

Hippo vs. Zombies

2 thoughts on “Collaborative Works
  1. The hippo looks really cute, that look on his face is just hilarious. The zombies have made a lot of enemies this year and they’re taking on the hippo now. It’s just a brilliant idea all around.

    • Thanks Jacob!
      Hippos don’t take no crap from nobody, especially zombies.
      Its a fun game to work on and play.
      I’m looking forward to whenever we get to share it with everyone else and release it.

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