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Looking for my résumé, code samples and released games?  You’ve come to the right place!

I’m a game engineer who succeeds through diligence, ingenuity, logic and integrity.

I love to push boundaries of my experience and perceived limitations. There’s something thrilling about challenging yourself to attempt something new, conquering your fears, crashing through roadblocks and acquiring new skills. Every time I do it I’m motivated to do it again.

That’s what excites me so much about game development and engineering in particular. There’s always more to learn and fresh experiences to explore.  I can think of nothing more challenging or rewarding. There’s absolutely nothing I’d rather do.

I’m naturally composed, receptive to feedback, usually upbeat and I have a quirky sense of humor.  Although I can make games on my own, I prefer collaboration with other passionate professionals.  When everyone brings something to the table and responds well to feedback, magic happens. Finding a positive company culture like that is just as important to me as the financial considerations and the projects we work on.

I’m open to working remotely, but I prefer on-site employment in an open office setting. I’m willing to relocate anywhere from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Close proximity to the Fresno area is not a requirement but will save me some driving time on the weekends.

Released Games

“Golden Sand Slots” (iOS, Android & Kindle)

This is what I’ve been spending the bulk of my time working on for the last year and a half.  When I was brought into Monarc Gaming Labs, this virtual slot casino app was little more than a crude prototype, running one basic slot machine game. The current release now features nearly 30 slot machines, each with unique features and bonuses, social meta games, daily bonus, a jackpot wheel, in-app purchases, optional ad-watching for in-game currency, and more.  It’s fully data-driven, allowing us to add new content, update machines, and so on, without requiring a client update.

“Douche Defender: Don’t Date That Jerk!” (iOS)

“Ladies, test your ability to recognize sleazy pickup tactics.”  This is the project I was hired on to work on at Big Head Mode. It took us only 6 months to take this turn-based social quiz game from the drawing board to release!

“Kitty Catch Mouse” (Web)

“How quick are your cat-like reflexes?”   I made this gravity switching, runner game just for the fun of it. I wanted to capture that instinctual, reflex-response, flow I experienced in classic twitch games like Tetris and Punch Out. It’s insanely fast-paced, and the difficulty ramps up quickly, so don’t blink! If you can survive for more than a minute, you’re elite.

“Save The Babies” (Android & Windows)“Every second someone drops a baby. Save the Babies!”  This started off as a weekend project, but I had so much fun playing with it that I invested two additional weekends to tie a bow on it, add a scoreboard, and release. To date, it’s my smallest completed project. The artwork is waaay below my capabilities but, hey, the game is free!

“Winter Adventure” (Early Web Demo)WinterAdventureNewGame

This is a sneak peak of a game schedule for release next holiday season.  This game features 3D exploration and 2D point-and-click adventure mechanics. It currently uses Unity Web Player, but the real deal will take advantage of WebGL for better performance and availability.


Information about my other projects available on my résumé and LinkedIn.


Code Samples

My most recent code samples are in blog form. I prefer this method because it allows me to discuss the thoughts behind the code. They can be accessed via the following tag: C#

Older Code Samples

Unity C# Code Samples from “Making Friends: Park”, 2014 (shared with permission).

Additional code samples available on GitHub. Older blog posts: AS3 / C++


Additional Information

LinkedIn  /  Résumé (also available in .doc  format)  /  Blog

I am currently considering all game development opportunities and I welcome your contact,