Bfxr & LabChirp – Two Great Free Tools For Making Sound FX For Your Games

ToolsFor all my fellow Indie Game Developers:

Today I bring you news (or a reminder) of two essential free programs that every one of you should have in your arsenal. Why? Because there’s just no sense in spending countless hours on sound effects when you can leverage the power of free tools to accomplish the same task in minutes. Plus, retro-style sound effects are just wicked AWESOME!!!  Seriously, bookmark both right now!  You’ll want to take them with you to your next Ludum Dare.

Check out the

Sample Sound Effects


Which one is better?  Both are better!  Really, they are both great and checking them both out won’t take much time anyway.  I’d rather you keep both or decide for yourself which one you like better.  Personally, I keep both on-hand as I find myself going to them for different reasons.






Have Fun!

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