Extension Methods: Helpers for Types You Can’t Edit (in Unity / C#)

Isn’t it frustrating when you can’t edit a class to add a method you really need?

Maybe the class is built into your programming language or game engine, hidden away in a dll file, or buried in 3rd party code simply too risky to alter.  Whichever the case, editing the original class isn’t an option.

This article will take an in-depth look at the various solutions to this common problem. We’ll explore some advantages, limitations, common pitfalls and best practices associated with each approach, and take a detailed look at one option which often gets overlooked: extension methods.

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How to Overlay Flex 4.6 with AIR 4.0 SDK


Adobe AIR 4.0 Software Development Kit (SDK) is now officially released!  Here’s how to set it up.


Despite the overly-complicated instructions on the interwebs, the process is ridiculously simple. Basically all we’re doing is copying the newer AIR files into the most recent Flex folder and then changing a few settings in our project. Continue reading

Bfxr & LabChirp – Two Great Free Tools For Making Sound FX For Your Games

ToolsFor all my fellow Indie Game Developers:

Today I bring you news (or a reminder) of two essential free programs that every one of you should have in your arsenal. Why? Because there’s just no sense in spending countless hours on sound effects when you can leverage the power of free tools to accomplish the same task in minutes. Plus, retro-style sound effects are just wicked AWESOME!!!  Seriously, bookmark both right now!  You’ll want to take them with you to your next Ludum Dare.

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Save Game Data in Flixel – FlxSave the Safe and Easy Way!


Saving game data is super important.  If you get sloppy and mess it up then all sorts of awful bugs can creep in.  That’s one of the reasons I’ve always hated the way that Flixel deals with saved game data.  They exposed too much and dealing with FlxSave still feels like dealing with shared objects Continue reading

Color Scheme Designer 3

For all you designers out there:

Color Scheme Designer 3 is a great free tool for finding and quickly testing various color schemes built around one base color.  This is awesome for choosing colors for logos, characters, levels, websites, and virtually anything else you need to show to the end user.  You don’t even have to know a bunch about color theory to use it!  Just pick a base color, play with the knobs and then

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Kitty Catch Mouse – Early Test Gameplay – Gravity Switch in Twitch Mode

This is just after adding the gravity-shift mechanic. Twitch mode is what I’m calling the one-direction, reflex-training mode. There’s no velocity cap, so you can play the randomly generated racetrack as long as you can keep pace with the mouse. Right now the game plays like a one-button runner, so scrolling is automatic. You jump when you click and gravity shift when you click while in the air. Just ignore those colored tunnels. Those are for a feature that I haven’t implemented yet.  It should also be noted that this contains placeholder music and was used for testing purposes only.