Save Game Data in Flixel – FlxSave the Safe and Easy Way!


Saving game data is super important.  If you get sloppy and mess it up then all sorts of awful bugs can creep in.  That’s one of the reasons I’ve always hated the way that Flixel deals with saved game data.  They exposed too much and dealing with FlxSave still feels like dealing with shared objects Continue reading

Color Scheme Designer 3

For all you designers out there:

Color Scheme Designer 3 is a great free tool for finding and quickly testing various color schemes built around one base color.  This is awesome for choosing colors for logos, characters, levels, websites, and virtually anything else you need to show to the end user.  You don’t even have to know a bunch about color theory to use it!  Just pick a base color, play with the knobs and then

click the various preview buttons. You’ll see… Continue reading