“Kitty Catch Mouse” – Testing is Under Way

Well, I’ve reached that nervous point that every indie game developer looks forward to and secretly dreads… public testing.


Kitty Catch Mouse has reached that stage where it needs to wiggle its wee little toes in the waters of public testing to find out exactly where its strengths and weaknesses are. Many of the testers in my isolated test group are also developers, and most of them are people I don’t know in person, so this is really the first time I can be assured (mostly) unbiased and informed feedback.


This being my first public test, you can imagine that my stomach is churning – and it is!  I’m very excited though!  It feels great to know that I’ve persevered, crashed through unexpected obstacles and overcome personal limitations.


I always planned on this being a quick project that I can basically use to learn, get the overall experience and add a link to on my resume.  With the exception of “the overall experience”, all of that has been achieved.  So despite whatever feedback I get, negative or positive, I’m totally stoked!  This is another milestone for me and then it’s on to the next chapter…