Mini-Branding Logo Design Process

Ever wonder what progression logos goes through as they’re designed and redesigned?  Branding is super important and there are concepts you have to keep in mind that probably aren’t obvious to newcomers in this area.  Well, this blog post will explain my design process, show you examples of the image progression gone through in designing my own logo set, and tell you exactly why I chose to make the changes I did along the way.  If you’re new to graphic design or if you’ve never had to make a logo before then you might find this post useful.

Step 1)  PLAN OUT THE DESIGN GOALS Continue reading

The Day That Spawned The Dream

“The Legend of Zelda” on NES:  The Game That Sparked My Curiosity


I still remember the day I decided that I was going to make games.  It was the very same day my brothers and I finally cracked open that box and drew out our shiny new Super Nintendo, which we have been working and saving up for what seemed like an eternity (everything seems like an eternity when you’re 10). Continue reading